TU Delft


Industrial Design Engineering Faculty

The Industrial Design Engineering Faculty (IDE) at TUD is one of the oldest and largest in the world, with a leading role in the development of the discipline. One of the focal areas of the Faculty is sustainability. IDE has a track record in eco-design, hosting a Design for Sustainability research groups since the early 1990s. In 2015 a new chair on Circular Product Design was founded (Prof. Ruud Balkenende). Circular economy, focusing on longer lasting product, and the development of methods for design for recycling (especially for electronic products) are focal topics of the research at the department. Key people involved in the project are Professor Ruud Balkenende, who leads the circular Product Design group and has 25 years of industrial experience and Associate Professor Conny Bakker. Her research, projects and teaching focus on the connection between product design and circular economy. She has set up a MOOC on Circular Economy and product design that already has over 10’000 participants. Other staff members of the CPD GROUP will support them.

Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment

The Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment is one of the leading faculties in the world (2nd place in Europe and 4th place globally; QS World Rankings). With our knowledge of the process of design, construction, use and reuse of buildings, building components and materials, and of the processes of management and collaboration between the different actors in the building chain, including the business models in use and the drivers and barriers for change, groups of the various departments of the faculty (Management in the Built Environment – Prof. Ellen van Bueren, Urbanism – Prof. Arjan van Timmeren, Building Engineering and Technology – Prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen) are studying use cases of circular economy at the level of buildings, building components and materials. In order to strengthen the knowledge base on critical materials – circular cities, and the EIT Raw Materials, Dr. David Peck joined in 2016 the faculty in the Building Engineering and Technology team, moving from Industrial Design Engineering.

Collaborators in the Project

David Peck

Senior Research Fellow, David Peck, researches and teaches in the field of circular cities and critical materials. David works in the faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Department Architectural Engineering and Technology. Based on EU funded research, his work finds that current linear economy approaches mean that the security of resources will become increasingly challenging. David’s research proposes a positive pathway is to adopt a circular approach to design and development in cities. This is based on his historical research into past material scarcity events. David is the TU Delft lead for the pioneer university status with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation for a circular economy. David is a visiting Professor with Coventry University and an adjunct Professor at MIP Politecnico di Milano, Graduate School of Business, both roles on circular cities and critical materials. He is the TU Delft lead manager for a Horizons 2020 project, ProSUM – Prospecting Secondary raw materials (CRM) in the Urban Mine and mining waste and the recently completed H2020 project, ERN – European Remanufacturing Network. David is TU Delft representative for the EU KIC EIT Raw Materials (sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution). He leads a number of education and upscaling projects in this 2 bn Euro programme that has a focus on CRM and circular with circular cities as a lighthouse thematic.