SusCritMat Short Course 2019

At this free course, participants experienced a short version of a SusCritMat training school, covering some typical SusCritMat training course modules. Participants received the supporting training material (presentations, short films, exercises). The course covered several topics related to the sustainable management of Critical Raw Materials across the value chain with the case of electric mobility, focusing especially on Cobalt and Lithium for EV batteries: theory and criticality assessment with Co and Li as a hands-on case, primary and secondary sourcing of Co and Li, future demand scenarios, sustainability assessment of electric cars, geopolitical aspects and certification potentials of Co and Li.

Teachers included Prof Ester van der Voet, University of Leiden, Prof David Peck, TU Delft, Prof Steven Young, University of Waterloo, and Gus Gunn, British Geological Survey. On the evening of April 9, SusCritMat offered a “gaming night” in the pub “The Old Bicycle Shop” with the SusCritMat trainers and game developer Katie Whalen where we played the “In the Loop Game” on CRMs and the circular economy – free drinks and snacks included!