SusCritMat aims to educate people from Master’s student level up, both in industry and academia about important aspects of sustainable critical raw materials. In a novel concept, it introduces courses on these complex and interdisciplinary topics in a modular structure, adaptable to a variety of different formats and accessible to both students and managers in industry. These courses will develop new skills, which will help participants to better understand the impact and role of critical raw materials in the whole value chain; enabling them to identify and mitigate risks. Understanding the bigger picture and the interconnected nature of global business and society is increasingly necessary to and valued by industry.

SusCritMat is an EU-funded project that brings together the technical and pedagogical expertise of leading educational institutions and business partners. It uses and creates teaching materials which can be combined into different course formats.

The overall goal of the SusCritMat project is to qualify lecturers to teach the topics themselves. Therefore, the teaching resources do not only provide an introduction and improved insight into selected thematic issues, but also deliver a set of teaching materials “ready-to-use”:

  • Learning targets that will be reached after having taught the courses
  • Presentations on the specific topics including also notes on how to present the slides and key messages.
  • Group work exercises including the task or question to work on, if applicable further reading on the methodology and the solutions in case of tasks requiring calculations.
  • Assessment questions and the correct answers for each specific topic.
  • Additional reading for each topic.

Below you can find these learning materials free of charge.








Impact on Society and the Environment