Successful first SusCritMat Winter School took place in Les Diablerets, Switzerland, January 15-19, 2018

In a novel educational concept, the winter school offered modules on complex and interdisciplinary topics related to critical raw materials, developed and taught by European experts in the field. The winter school helped participants to understand the role of critical raw materials in the whole value chain across various academic fields, by highlighting the bigger picture and the interconnected nature of global business and society, which is is increasingly necessary for decision-making in industry.
The main case study of this winter school was Neodymium magnets for electric cars, one of the top issues in today’s discussions on future needs and supply of Critical Raw Materials. Project work in small groups, supported by mentors, enabled students to conduct independent research on the various relevant questions in managing CRMs.

Click here to find a detailed report about the SusCritMat Winter School 2018.


Knowledge requirements for the Schools

To understand fundamental material properties and functional principles of high-tech applications a basic knowledge of materials science or related disciplines (physics, chemistry, mechanical engineering…) is mandatory. In general, participants should be eager to extend their knowledge to other disciplines and to work in interdisciplinary teams. Participants who are not familiar with the term “critical raw materials” or have not already been in contact with associated topics during their studies are asked to study some preparatory materials which they will receive with their application acceptance.


The winter school is open for PhD and Master students, professionals and educators from all countries.

  • Discuss with experts
  • Gain competences
  • Enlarge your professional network
  • Gain ECTS points