Seminar on the sustainable management of critical raw materials


In the framework of our Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on critical raw materials, we will hold a in person seminar over 2 days on June 9-10 in Delft. This seminar is targeted at (future) professionals who want to deepen their knowledge on critical raw materials and are interested in upcoming developments in the CRM field. It is an opportunity to connect with experts in the area and will feature guests from industry but also from policy. It will be based on the material that is covered in the MOOC which will run as a self-paced version from 14th February on. You can register for the MOOC run here. We recommend you to do the course if you are not familiar with the contents covered in it.


Professionals: 300 €
Students/NGOs: 150 €

You can ask for price reduction / free participation in case the costs would hinder you from participating.