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Registration for this run will end on 5 August 2022, so make sure you register now.

This course provides a systemic understanding of CRMs and equips you with tools and strategies for managing them in a sustainable way. It covers the entire raw materials’ value chain, which will help you see what actions can be taken at every stage and how you can make informed decisions, and contribute to and benefit from a more sustainable approach to CRMs, regardless of your professional or academic background.

Key topics include access to raw materials, environmental and social impacts, geopolitical factors, market dynamics, economics, supply chains, global trends in CRM use, and resource efficiency.

You can choose from three different tracks that cover possible solutions from a technical, business or policy perspective. These range from supply risk mitigation, exploration, urban mining and substitution to circularity strategies, business models, responsible sourcing and certification.

This course also introduces you to experts, start-ups and projects in the field and inspires you to tackle problems with concrete initiatives.

Click here to register. The course runs at a self-paced version, which means you can go through the course material at your own speed.