Bureau de Recherches Géologiques et Minières

About BRGM

BRGM is a French public organisation dedicated to applying Earth Sciences to manage resources and risks in soil and underground. It aims to understand geological phenomena and associated risks, develop new methods and techniques as well as produce and disseminate data about soil, underground and resources management.

This research background enables BRGM to provide the necessary tools for soil, underground and resources management, prevention of risks and pollution and politics responding to climate change.


Collaborators in the project


Dominique Guyonnet

Dr Dominique Guyonnet is Head of BRGM Campus; a department of BRGM (the French Geological Survey) that develops partnerships with schools and universities to support teaching in Geoscience. He has developed several courses in the area of raw material efficiency and criticality, with an emphasis on resource efficiency indicators and material flow analysis (MFA) applied to critical metals. He led the 4-year ASTER project relative to flows and stocks of rare earth elements in the EU-27. D. Guyonnet has published around 50 papers in international peer-reviewed scientific journals.




Gaétan Lefebvre

Gaétan Lefebvre, is currently a junior economist at the French Geological Survey (BRGM). He holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental and Natural Resources Economics as well as a Master’s degree in Geosciences Engineering. His activities in the field of critical raw materials include market reviews and value chain analysis of a wide range of metallic commodities. In 2017, Gaétan contributed to the study reviewing the list of Critical Raw Materials for the European Union.