University of Leiden

About CML

CML, the Centre of Environmental Science of Leiden University’s Faculty of Science, is one of the leading institutes in environmental sustainability worldwide. CML’s aim is to contribute to sustainable governance of biodiversity and natural resources. CML offers environmental education, and has two distinct research programmes: Conservation Biology and Industrial Ecology. The Industrial Ecology programme develops tools for decision-making on sustainable production and consumption. Industrial Ecology takes a systemic approach, integrating technical, environmental and social aspects. It uses models such as Material Flow Accounting (MFA), Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) or Input-Output Analysis (IOA).

Research areas include:
• Footprinting the consumption of nations
• Global effectiveness of climate policies
• Material needs of renewable energy systems
• Resilience of critical material supply chains
• Environmental implications of novel food production systems

Educational programs are:
• A Master’s programme in Industrial Ecology
• A Bachelor minor in Sustainable Development
• A Master specialization track in Conservation Biology
• An open online course (MOOC) on Metal cycles


Collaborator in the project

Ester van der Voet is employed as an Associate Professor by Leiden University at the Department Industrial Ecology of the Institute of Environmental Sciences, CML. Within the field of Industrial Ecology, she specialises in methodology development: life-cycle assessment, material flow analysis, substance flow analysis, natural resource accounting, and indicator development. These methodologies she applies to in different topical areas, especially in the fields of the bio-based economy and the circular economy. She has initiated two MSc programs in Industrial Ecology: a program between Leiden University and TU Delft, and an international program of Leiden, Delft, Graz University and Chalmers University in Sweden. She has conducted many research projects for the EU and in other international consortia. She is a member of UNEP’s International Resource Panel.