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The project succeeding SusCritMat – SusCritMOOC – has been accepted by EIT Raw Materials for funding in the area Wider Society Learning.

MOOC stands for massive open online course and enables universities and education institutions to reach people who would otherwise not have access to education due to such factors as costs, geographic location or time to enroll in university courses in the traditional way. The courses are usually modelled after the traditional courses and modules held on campus by the university which offers the MOOC.

Like SusCritMat, the SusCritMOOC will offer education on the topic of sustainable management of critical raw materials and the course will run from early 2021. It will be supported by the same partners as SusCritMat.

In addition to the virtual content, there will also be SusCritMat Summer and Winter Schools which will be following a “hybrid” teaching approach (using the MOOC and interactive elements) and contain “train the trainer” elements.