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We have recently added two new highly informative videos to the SusCritMat Youtube channel:

In one video, Ester van der Voet from Leiden University talks about scenarios for critical raw materials. As global demand for critical raw materials continues to grow, crucial for an optimal supply of these materials is to predict which ones and how much of them will be needed. Ester van der Voet from Leiden University presents scenarios assessment – a method used to deal with the problem at hand. After giving a short theoretical introduction into the method of scenario assessment, she discusses various scenarios for supply and demand of critical raw materials.

In the other video, Stefano Cucurachi, also from Leiden University, gives a concise introduction into Life Cycle Assessment, one of the key methods of industrial ecology. He introduces basic concepts of LCA, gives examples of common uses, discusses the standard phases of a LCA and concludes with the benefits of the Life Cycle approach.